Why SR

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The SolaRAGE philosophy is simple; Passion is Perfection - Excellence Through Passion!

Without further ado; please allow us to project the bigger picture (literally).

Experience - We possess the knowledge, tools, techniques, tricks and tips to help you accomplish all your online goals.

Cost - Professional websites can cost anything from £500 to £5000 and then some. Let it be known, we have also worked for peanuts (we must be nuts). Flexible we truly happen to be (hourly rate, flat rate or a combination of the two), not forgetting all those tasty peanuts.

Creativity - Artistic creativity is a whirlpool of imagination that swirls in the depths of the mind, and it truly does flow naturally from within.

Communication Skills - No geek speak because we happen to be human too!

Customer Service Orientation - Positive mindset and attitude (yoga helps) making customer service a top priority. We will meet and greet all your deadlines - that's a promise!!

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